The philosophy discipline of Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST) originated from the teacher-traning class of philosophy which was recruited by the original Huazhong Institute of Technology after the resumption of the college entrance examination in 1977. In 1980, the Institute of Philosophy was set up and the first director was the famous Marxist philosopher Mr. Li Qiju. In 1996, the Philosophy Department was established in which many famous scholars served as the heads of thi department, such as Yin Zhengkun, Zhong Shuhua, Zou Shipeng, Zhang Tingguo,Lei Ruipeng and Liao Xiaowei. In August 2020, the School of Phiplosophy was formally established at HUST and Professor Dong Shangwen was elected as the first dean of the School of Philosophy. Since 1980, the philosophy discipline of HUST has gathered a large number of famous scholars engaging in philosophy research, such as Kang Hongkui, Lin Dingyi, Huang Jiande, Wang Jionghua, Huang Kejian, Chen Jiaqi, Zhang Shuguang and so on.

The philosophy discipline of HUST, guided by the principle of "entering the mainstream, emphasizing crossover, and creating characteristics" and upholding the school motto of "admiring knowledge, pursuing truth, developing virtue and putting the theory into practice", focuses on the core position of teaching in the development of the college in which education is the foundation of the school and postgraduate research is the way to strengthen the school. After decades of development, the School of Philosophy of HUST has become an important institution specializing in philosophy teaching and research in China. In the fourth discipline evaluation of China University discipline Rankings (CUSR), the philosophy discipline of HUST was evaluated as a B+ and tied for ninth in China. And as the first-level discpline, it is also one of the key subjects on the provincial level (2013), and the philosophy undergraduate program is selected for the provincial first-class professional construction point of the national “Double Ten-housand Plan”in the first round (2019), and “the Innovative Talents-Training Team for philosophy Undergraduatemajor intergating technology and humanities” is also selected as a provincial teaching team (2019).

The philosophy discipline of HUST began to recruit graduate students in 1981, and it obtained two master degrees in Marxist Philosophy and Philosophy of Science and Technology respectively in 1983 and 1987. In 2000, the undergraduate major of philosophy was set up, and in 2001, it officially began to recruit undergraduate students. In 2005, it obtained two doctoral degrees in Marxist Philosophy and Philosophy of Science and Technology. In 2007, it was approved to establish a postdoctoral research station for philosophy. In 2011, it was granted the right to confer a doctoral degree in philosophy as a first-level discipline. Now, the School of Philosophy of HUST has six doctoral programs in the secondary discipline: Marxist Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Foreign Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and technology, Ethics and Religion; and it also has six master degree in Marxist philosophy, Chinese philosophy, Foreign Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and Technology, Ethics and Religion. At the same time, there are German Philosophy Research Center, Hermeneutics Research Center, Applied Phenomenology Research Center, Bioethics Research Center and other scientific research institutions.

The School of Philosophy currently has 32 full-time teachers, including 13 professors (doctoral advisor), 9 associate professors and 10 lecturers. It has leading academic masters such as Deng Xiaomang and Ouyang Kang, as well as a large number of well-known Young and middle-aged scholar with high academic levels: 1 member of national "Ten Thousand Talents Program" teaching teacher, 1 member of the National University Philosophy Teaching Steering Committee, 1 member of the Social Science Committee of the Ministry of Education, 1 member of the Marxism Department of the Ministry of Education, and 1 member of Deputy Director of the Academic Style Construction Committee of the Ministry of Education, 2 persons enjoying special allowances from the State Council, 1 member of“Cross-century Outstanding Talents”recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education, 1 member of“New Century Outstanding Talents”recognized by the Ministry of Education, and 1 member of“Millions of Talents Project”approved by the Ministry of Personnel.