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865 Memorial Ave Unit D West Springfield, MA – 01089  |  413-342-4600 | info@karounyoga.com

Welcome to Karoun! 

Here at Karoun Yoga we have a great community of students who work hard, try new things, and laugh at themselves along the way. Through regular yoga practice, they have seen their lives improve as they start to become happier and healthier people. At Karoun, we grow and learn together.

Download our new app - look up Karoun in your app store! Please sign into class early - we now have a minimum sign up! Don't worry, class will most likely run, be we need three people to be signed up to run class - if you signed up and class is cancelled, you will be notified by email.

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A Note from Karoun

What you will find when you come to Karoun Yoga is a friendly community of humans who want to be in touch with themselves, growing and living the best lives they can live. As a teacher and director of the studio, it’s an honor to interact with students day to day. Each and every week we are going through things in our lives. It's not always easy, but there’s something really beautiful about being able to come together every week, multiple days a week, and connect for that hour and fifteen minutes to breathe and stretch into the inner terrain of the body. To be able to come back, week after week is so important for a healthy life, full of vibrant growth and vitality.